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Grey Squirrel control

Grey squirrels are considered pests and are part of the rodent family. The grey squirrel is a non-native species in the UK and is responsible for the decline of red squirrels.

The front incisors of grey squirrels are always growing and require constant filing, and this is achieved via gnawing. Unfortunately, they do not discriminate as to the material they chew. Naturally, this can cause problems especially if they are living in a roof space where wires (a fire hazard) or the structure can be damaged.

These are the seven signs easiest signs to spot when looking for evidence of squirrels in your home or loft.

  • Scratching and rustling sound from your loft or a wall cavity
  • Spotting droppings in the loft – although you might need a pest controller to identify these droppings (check out our droppings identification guide)
  • Smell of urine in the loft area might indicate the infestation has been going on some time
  • Spotting lots of other squirrels around your property, particularly near your roof or on high fences
  • Fruit and nuts being stolen from bird feeders, or the feeders being disturbed/knocked over
  • Bark being stripped from trees in your garden
  • Holes in vents or damage to your insulation foam.

There are three reasons we control grey squirrels:

  • Their potential to damage to your home, business and health
  • The destruction of UK forests
  • The impact on our native wildlife, in particular the red squirrel.




What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • We offer a chemical free trapping service
  •  Advice around proofing, as this is essential to ensure grey squirrels do not have access to entrance points in your property.