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Flea control

The cat flea causes the most problems for British home owners and if an animal is not around or there are a lot of fleas, they resort to biting humans, usually around the ankles and legs.

Once fleas have established themselves within a home, animals will need to be carefully treated as well as the home itself by a flea control technician. Off the shelf aerosol products are not normally effective.




What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • We can give you further advice over the phone as to how we can assist with your flea problem. If your pet has had a flea problem then we can advise on how to coordinate the flea treatment in your home.
  • Flea problems and infestations can manifest and occur in many areas including the garden, carpets, floors, under beds, on cupboard floors and under furniture. We’ll help you find and treat them.
  • We also offer advice around garden maintenance which can provide harbourage areas for fleas. 



Stored Product Insect (SPI) and Beetles control

Flour beetles can be found in the household and can grow to large infestations living off food in furniture, cracks and crevices in cupboards. 

Biscuit beetles can affect storage businesses, food preparation businesses which need to store foods and households. The biscuit beetle can get into any packaged foods being stored which are not completely sealed and tend to favour cereals, grains and other stored food products.

Adult larvae will bore their way through packaging or food to emerge. If you think a packaged product may be infested with biscuit beetle larvae, you need to make steps to remove this infestation.




What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • We can advise on food storage and offer preventative measures once the beetle type is identified.




Fly control

All too often, flies are tolerated in our homes, properties and businesses. However, all species of fly will feed by vomiting saliva onto food surfaces and then sucking up the resulting liquid. In the course of doing so, the fly contaminates food with bacteria from its feet and gut. This increases the likelihood of food poisoning. 





What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • Fly killer aerosols are often a short-term remedy. It is recommended that in businesses that prepare food, we install proofing such as fly screens and Electronic Fly Killers (EFKs).