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About Cockroaches

Cockroach faeces can cause respiratory allergies such as sneezing and exacerbate asthma symptoms, and can also transmit E Coli.

Cockroaches can contaminate by picking up bacteria from drains or waste areas and transferring this from their body to utensils, food and sterile goods.  The presence of cockroaches in premises may result in enforcement action by the Local Authority. This will impact on food premises leading to loss of business and reputation with customers.

Cockroach Types

There are many species of cockroach. A few species such as the Oriental, German and American cockroaches have colonised urban areas and are therefore considered serious pests. All cockroaches are nocturnal and require access to water.

  • Oriental cockroaches are a shiny dark brown/black colour. They prefer cooler conditions and can be found in basements, boiler rooms and redundant drains. They often appear in large, institutional and older premises such as swimming pools, hotels and pubs.
  • German cockroaches are yellow/brown in colour with dark stripes. They prefer warm and humid environments and are typically found in flats, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, bakeries and other food manufacturing sites.
  • American cockroaches are chestnut brown in colour and found in sewers, cities and ports.



What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • Advice on hygiene, refuse and cockroach prevention methods including regular deep cleaning to reduce food availability and slow growth infestation.
  • Proofing to reduce cockroach harbourage points such as sealing around pipe work passing through walls and ensuring wall tiles are securely fixed correctly.
  • Control for all cockroaches, which we will carry out through the use of heat treatment or freezing spray, specialist non-chemical control techniques. At times we may also need to consider the use of safe insecticidal cockroach gel.