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If you have a suspicion that your bed has bedbugs and you need pest control in North London, contact us now before the infestation gets worse

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About Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs (Cimex Lectularius) are around 4 to 5mm long, red or brown in colour, oval in shape and do not have wings. Usually found in bedrooms, bed bugs feed on our blood through our skin. They are also attracted to our body heat and carbon dioxide from our breath. Their habit is to travel via clothes, luggage or furniture and easily move through properties using wall or floor cavities. Bed bug bites cause red, irritating marks on our skin and some people can experience severe allergic reactions. They can also cause sleep disturbance and damage to business reputations, especially for hotels and other accommodation providers.

How do you know if you have Bed Bugs on your property?

If you notice dark or black stains on a bed mattress, linen or surrounding area, these could be bed bug excrement. There may be an unpleasant sweet smell, small dark blood spots (‘faecal pellets’) or you may even see actual live bugs. Although individual bed bug bites may not be very noticeable to begin with, they can continue to occur in rows along the skin as the insects travel along blood vessels to feed.

Why control Bed Bugs?

There are a few issues to consider if you discover an infestation:

  • Although bed bugs may not spread disease they can cause irritation and distress to children and adults
  • The presence of bed bugs does not reflect well on a business and may cause reputation damage alongside financial costs
  • If you live in a flat or terraced house, bed bugs can easily spread into your neighbours’ living areas so it’s important to take action fast
  • Bed bugs can also hide in furniture as well as mattresses and bed linen – the whole bedroom area should be thoroughly checked (including walls and floors)
  • If you buy second hand furniture, this should also be checked before you take it home
  • If you have stayed in an infested room, immediately check your luggage and clothing for bugs when you return home (infested clothes and linen will need to be dry cleaned or washed at a very hot temperature)
  • For accommodation providers, a professional can monitor and evaluate property for early signs of bed bug infestation before the problem spreads
  • Self-treatment of a bed bug infestation doesn’t work, it will only make matters worse. A trained professional has the skills and knowledge to deal with the correct species, using a dry heat treatment method along with the most appropriate insecticides



What Sparta Pest Control Offer:

  • Look for signs of any bedbug activity currently at your premises. Examine the bedroom and use bed bug monitors. 
  • Use a dry heat treatment method to remove the bed bugs and their eggs. We may also use an insecticide treatment if necessary.  Seal any cracks and crevices where bed bugs can hide. 
  • Provide recommendations to help you maintain a bed bug-free environment through the use of mattress covers / encasements. to seal out the bed bugs.