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Ant Pest Control in London and Essex

Domestic/Residential Properties

We offer a full domestic pest control service. We will work in partnership with you to safeguard your family and pets, and then undertake a comprehensive treatment plan that will ensure that your nearest and dearest are safe. If you suspect that you have an infestation of pests it is critical that you contract the services of a professional pest control company to remove the infestation.

Looking after the well-being of you and your family is paramount, and we will identify why the infestation occurred and remove all pests. .


If you let a property it is critical that there are no pests as this will cause a nuisance and may also damage your property. Furthermore, any pests will put the health of your tenants at risk, and this will result in legal action and further costs to you. Whether you require a one-off treatment or a regular proactive service, we are here to help. One of our pest control experts will remove any infestations but will also provide professional guidance to help you prevent any future pest invasions.


Pest infestations can have a significant impact on your business and brand. If customers find out that your restaurant or bar is infested your reputation will plummet. Similarly, if your employees find pests in the workplace, this will negatively impact on your operations. We provide a preventative pest monitoring service for your business with monthly / quarterly inspections . You will receive a full report in a folder that can be made available to the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) when they assess your onsite pest control prevention compliance and plan. 

We endeavour to respond in an efficient and professional manner so that there is minimal disruption to your business. Also, we know how critical it is to provide a discrete service that adheres to all health and safety requirements. If you need pest control services in London, but would prefer us to visit your premises outside of business hours, this can also be arranged.

Proofing & Prevention

Proofing a property will always stop pests entering a premises to begin with . They will simply move on.

Proofing should always be considered, alongside treatments to remove pests from a property or business. Pests can always be treated, however we believe its important to take a long term preventative view and ensure that the pests do not return. 

  • Pest proofing gaps / holes in external / internal walls 
  • Installing rodent and cockroach proof air brick guards to stop pests entering the property
  • Rodent proof sealant around pipework, kitchen units and between wooden flooring. 
  • Installation of rodent proof drain guards to ensure they don't access your property through waste pipes
  • Rodent proof gutter and pipe guards
  • Rodent and draught proof door guards
  • Energy saving draught and pest sealants for wooden floors with existing gaps
  • Bespoke pest awareness and education -  training for business owners and employees around best practices for a pest free environment
  • Business and Landlord - annual / quarterly inspections to ensure a pest free environment is maintained.


  • We use an electronic endoscope device to search for hard to find pests behind walls, under kitchen units and flooring,
  • Motion sensor wildlife camera to take pictures and recordings of pests that are hard to locate.
  • Bed Bug monitors 
  • Bed Bug Heat treatments 
  • Cockroach monitors
  • Rodent tracking gel
  • We always use the best products on the market at no additional cost to you. 
  • Up to date research on pest treatments

 Sanitising services to treat germs, bacteria and viruses

It is important, that any property which has experienced pest issues is comprehensively sanitised and disinfected. Rodents, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches and other pests will always leave behind harmful bacteria and germs, through their urine, faeces, blood, moisture, grease in contact areas, including kitchens, utility and bedrooms. Theses are not always visible to the human eye. 

We'll  sanitise your property or business using Polti's world-wide patent "Steam Disinfector" ,  which heats surfaces to 180 degrees, an effective solution against germs,  bacteria and viruses. Because of all its particular properties, the Polti dry steam  system can be used in multiple areas including residential / domestic properties and  the commercial sector including restaurants, hotels, bars, coffee shops. 

  • Benefits include non chemical and non toxic approach
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Polti's "Steam Disinfector" requires no chemicals therefore your property and business won't experience any disruption. At the end of the treatment, premises can be reused immediately 
  • The "Steam Disinfector" System has been subjected to numerous independent laboratory tests in Europe and Australia, confirming its safe use and effectiveness in the reduction of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. 



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We Provide

Every property we attend to, we always provide the following:

  • A report of the survey we undertake, identifying the pests we have found and a recommended treatment plan.
  • A risk assessment of the property to identify risks and the hazards to people, pets, tenants, employees and customers.
  • Safety advice and education regarding treatments plans and long-term pest control.
  • Recommendations for proofing your property or business, that will help you successfully control any pests in the long term.
  • Recommendations for sanitising and disinfecting


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 Pest Control Service in London and Enfield

 Pest Control Service in London and Enfield

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