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 Mice and Rat Pest Control in London and Essex


Rodents can contaminate food and spread disease which is a considerable concern for homeowners, landlords and business owners. Your business reputation will be irrevocably damaged and you are liable to be closed down by Environmental Health services if there is evidence of pest infestation. Some of the diseases that rodents carry are potentially fatal, including Weil’s disease and salmonellosis (food poisoning).





An infestation of rats can result in considerable damage to properties. Rats will contaminate food and spread disease and infections.

Rat Pest Control in London and Essex



What Sparta Pest Control Offer:

  • Identifying external areas surrounding your premises or home that are likely to attract rats.
  • How rats are accessing your property & why
  • What foods and conditions are likely to encourage rat problems.
  • Treatment and proofing of entrance points



Mice urinate and defecate regularly, which contaminates work surfaces and food left out in the kitchen. Our pest services include treatment and minor proofing to prevent further infestation.

An infestation of mice is quite easy to see because a house mouse typically excretes 80 droppings a day and these rodent droppings are scattered everywhere, including your work surfaces.

Diseases associated with mice include murine typhus, trichinosis and salmonellosis (food poisoning), so pest control for mice is extremely important.



What Sparta Pest Control Offer:

  • The responsible use of trapping to remove the problem from your home. At times we may need to use chemicals.
  • We can proof pest entrance points to block entry into your property.


If you think you’ve got mice or rats running around in your house, and you need pest control in London, contact us for a rapid response.

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 cockroach Pest Control in London and Essex


Cockroach faeces can cause respiratory allergies such as sneezing and exacerbate asthma symptoms, and can also transmit E Coli.

Cockroaches can contaminate by picking up bacteria from drains or waste areas and transferring this from their body to utensils, food and sterile goods.  The presence of cockroaches in premises may result in enforcement action by the Local Authority. This will impact on food premises leading to loss of business and reputation with customers.




cockroach infestation Pest Control in London and Essex


Cockroach Species

There are many species of cockroach. A few species such as the Oriental, German and American cockroaches have colonised urban areas and are therefore considered serious pests. All cockroaches are nocturnal and require access to water.

  • Oriental cockroaches are a shiny dark brown/black colour. They prefer cooler conditions and can be found in basements, boiler rooms and redundant drains. They often appear in large, institutional and older premises such as swimming pools, hotels and pubs.
  • German cockroaches are yellow/brown in colour with dark stripes. They prefer warm and humid environments and are typically found in flats, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, bakeries and other food manufacturing sites.
  • American cockroaches are chestnut brown in colour and found in sewers, cities and ports.



What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • Advice on hygiene, refuse and cockroach prevention methods including regular deep cleaning to reduce food availability and slow growth infestation.
  • Proofing to reduce cockroach harbourage points such as sealing around pipe work passing through walls and ensuring wall tiles are securely fixed correctly.
  • Control for all cockroaches, which we will carry out through the use of heat treatment or freezing spray, specialist non-chemical control techniques. At times we may also need to consider the use of safe insecticidal cockroach gel.



 bed bug Pest Control in London and Essex


There has been a significant increase in bedbugs in the UK due to the widespread use of central heating and close human habitation, and they have been able to thrive in homes, properties and businesses.




bed bug infestation Pest Control in London and Essex


Too often people will use DIY sprays and powders to treat bed bugs in their home. Usually we find that this makes the problem worse. Bed bugs are intelligent and will often hide.

Bedbug control treatments will not be successful unless we understand its behaviour. It is critical that we work together with you and use the correct pest products, as this is essential to treating this pest.

Bedbugs make blood feeds but do so in a way that you will not feel the bite. Therefore, they can be difficult to detect. Adults may deposit eggs on a mattress but then move, making them hard to locate and control.  They can cause skin irritations through their bites. They can usually be found in and around the bed but can spread to wardrobes, chest of draws and other items in the room.


What Sparta Pest Control Offer:

  • Look for signs of any bedbug activity currently at your premises. Examine the bedroom and use bed bug monitors. 
  • Use a heat treatment method to remove the bed bugs and their eggs. Seal any cracks and crevices where bed bugs can hide. 
  • Provide recommendations to help you maintain a bed bug-free environment through the use of mattress covers / encasements. to seal out the bed bugs.


If you have a suspicion that your bed has bedbugs and you need pest control in London, contact us now before the infestation gets worse.

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 ants Pest Control in London and Essex


The most prevalent species that invades properties is the black garden ant, which is actually very dark brown. They are highly organised social insects and it is the foraging worker ants that invade buildings in search of food. These are from 3 to 5mm in length and are attracted to sweet foodstuffs which they take back to the nest to feed the larvae and queen.




ant Pest Control in London and Essex


Ghost ants are becoming more common in heated buildings. These are a similar size to pharaoh ants and are pale coloured with a dark thorax and head.

DIY products such as ant killer gel may deal with small garden ants. However, larger or multiple infestations of pharaoh, ghost or fire ants will require professional ant control to ensure proper removal.


What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • Treatments are targeted to specific ant species so we can treat the problem safely.


 Wasps Pest Control in London and Essex







A large amount of the work we do to remove wasp problems takes place in July and September when wasps have completed building their nest and seek out sweet foods. However, many problems can be prevented proactively by identifying nest premises in May, June or July before the nests are completed and can hold up to 10,000 wasps. During this period wasps are likely to be less aggressive.

Too often we find that individuals can often confuse wasps with bees. Bees will often swarm but likely to move on after 24 hours. Its vital that we protect our bees. Please ensure that you seek the advice of a pest control professional or your local honey bee keeper before attempting to use DIY products. 

What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • Our wasp pest control service involves the technician applying specialist insecticide at the entrance to the nest. Wasps entering the nest are then contaminated with the powder or liquid. This insecticide is biodegradable and is not toxic to other species, so the environmental impact of our work is carefully considered and managed.


If you think you’ve got wasps in your attic, and you need pest control in London, get in touch for urgent assistance.

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 Additional Pest Control in London and Essex


Other Pests

Fleas  |  Grey Squirrels  |  Stored Insect Products (SPI)  |  Beetles  |  Moths | Flies






The cat flea causes the most problems for British home owners and if an animal is not around or there are a lot of fleas, they resort to biting humans, usually around the ankles and legs.

Once fleas have established themselves within a home, animals will need to be carefully treated as well as the home itself by a flea control technician. Off the shelf aerosol products are not normally effective.


What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • We can give you further advice over the phone as to how we can assist with your flea problem. If your pet has had a flea problem then we can advise on how to coordinate the flea treatment in your home.
  • Flea problems and infestations can manifest and occur in many areas including the garden, carpets, floors, under beds, on cupboard floors and under furniture. We’ll help you find and treat them.
  • We also offer advice around garden maintenance which can provide harbourage areas for fleas. 




Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels are considered pests and are part of the rodent family. The grey squirrel is a non-native species in the UK and is responsible for the decline of red squirrels.

The front incisors of grey squirrels are always growing and require constant filing, and this is achieved via gnawing. Unfortunately, they do not discriminate as to the material they chew. Naturally, this can cause problems especially if they are living in a roof space where wires (a fire hazard) or the structure can be damaged.


What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • We offer advice around proofing, as this is essential to ensure squirrels do not have access to entrance points in your property.



Stored Insect Products (SPI), Beetles and Moths

Flour beetles can be found in the household and can grow to large infestations living off food in furniture, cracks and crevices in cupboards. 

Biscuit beetles can affect storage businesses, food preparation businesses which need to store foods and households. The biscuit beetle can get into any packaged foods being stored which are not completely sealed and tend to favour cereals, grains and other stored food products.

Adult larvae will bore their way through packaging or food to emerge. If you think a packaged product may be infested with biscuit beetle larvae, you need to make steps to remove this infestation.


What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • We can advise on food storage and offer preventative measures once the beetle type is identified.





All too often, flies are tolerated in our homes, properties and businesses. However, all species of fly will feed by vomiting saliva onto food surfaces and then sucking up the resulting liquid. In the course of doing so, the fly contaminates food with bacteria from its feet and gut. This increases the likelihood of food poisoning. 


What Sparta Pest Control offer:

  • Fly killer aerosols are often a short-term remedy. It is recommended that in businesses that prepare food, we install proofing such as fly screens and Electronic Fly Killers (EFKs).


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If you suspect that you have a pest infestation and need professional pest control in London, call us now.


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