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At Sparta Pest Control, we are a family run business and your trusted source for highly effective pest control services. Our expert approach will provide you with the best service for your home and business needs.

If you have rodents, cockroaches or other pests in your home, they're more than just an inconvenience. Mice can carry hantavirus or salmonella. Rats, as we know, carried the bubonic plague, but did you know they also carry leptospirosis, which can cause liver and kidney failure. Cockroach faeces can exacerbate asthma symptoms, and they can also transmit E coli.

So, there is a lot to worry about when pests invade your home, property or business. Our pest control experts in London, can help you get rid of them.  We focus on up-to-date research with all the latest available technology we can use to control pests. 

We will take time to figure out where the pests are coming from and take action to prevent the problem from spreading. Most importantly, we work hard to ensure that we get rid them and prevent them from returning.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

At Sparta Pest Control we base our approach on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This is a sustainable strategy to manage pests, which is implemented by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimises economic, health and environmental risks.

We use the least amount of chemicals wherever possible. We use other means to limit the pest population by understanding the biology and habits of pest species leading to a successful removal of pests.

At the core of IPM is pest prevention, customer education and regular inspections. By identifying and eliminating conducive conditions which can attract pests before they arrive, you really are getting the most natural pest control available!

Importantly, our application methods target pest areas such as feeding and nesting areas, as well as entry points. This crack-and-crevice approach eliminates the need for chemical use. 

Our Services

Sparta provides a truly hassle-free experience. Our services focus on environmentally friendly solutions. We really do have the solution for every home, property and commercial premises. We do accept that at times we may need to use chemicals, but this will always be when absolutely necessary, and it is our aim to minimise this as much as possible. 

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Rodent Pest Control in London and Essex




Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, to provide our customers with the highest quality of pest control. We pride ourselves on practicing the most modern techniques.



Our Philosophy and Principles

Sparta Pest Control believes that the impact we all have on the environment should not be taken lightly. All of our pest control experts in London take this seriously, and we strive to deliver the lowest impact service in every pest encounter.

We Inspect

A thorough search of your property will reveal what is attracting the pests in your property.

We Limit Access Points

Without a way in, pests won't be able to come back.

We Monitor

This allows us to quickly find signs of pest activity and take care of them before any further damage.

We Use the Right Materials

By using appropriate traps, bait and proofing materials,  we do what we can to reduce the use of chemicals to keep you, your property, business and family safe.

We Use Pesticides Selectively

When there isn't another option, we sometimes have to turn to chemicals as a last resort. But we only use enough to get the job done and no more.

We Sanitise 

We don't stop at pest removal. Once we take care of your pest problems,  for an additional cost we can sanitise those infested areas of harmful germs and bacteria.

We Work in Partnership

In addition to prioritising environmentally friendly and organic approaches to pest control, it is important for us to listen to you and ensure there is an open line of communication with you. Together we can best determine what pest is causing problems on your property and find the best solution for you.



Our Commitment

Our commitment is to you, the customer. We strive to provide you with the highest level of service. We will offer advice to prevent infestations and identify additional ways to proof your property from pests. Please note,  additional services including pest proofing and sanitising are not included in treatment plans/costs. 

Sparta Pest Control Ltd has full indemnity insurance and technicians with a Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Level 2 award in Pest Management issued by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).



I would definitely recommend this company...

I would definitely recommend this company. They were able to come out within the hour. They removed my mice problem and gave good advice to stop this from occurring in the future. Thank you very much   |     |  

One of the best things about this company is they responded within 24 hours,...

This company dealt with our cockroach infestation. One of the best things about this company is they responded within 24 hours, were polite, professional and took time to explain how the problem occurred in the first place. One happy Landlord   |     |  

Used eco friendly products to deal with the rat in our garden...

Company were quick to come out while my kids were at school. They use unmarked vehicles so the service is discreet. Used eco friendly products to deal with the rat in our garden   |     |  

Sparta pest control came out and removed the nest and assisted in proofing our property ...

Our attic became a nesting site for wasps. Sparta pest control came out and removed the nest and assisted in proofing our property to avoid any further problems with wasps   |     |  

I have used them for my other properties with great success...

I heard about the proofing services through a fellow landlord. They offered to prevent pests from entering my property. They did a full check and sealed al the pest entry points. I have used them for my other properties with great success   |     |  

Thank you & no more flies!...

As a business owner this was definitely an education about flies, who were becoming a nuisance for our business. We were able to teach our staff about the benefits of better waste management. Thank you & no more flies   |     |  



RSPH level 2 Certificate for Pest Control in London and Essex

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