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Welcome to Sparta Pest Control. Based in London, we provide professional pest control in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. We are committed to providing the highest standard of customer service, and you will find that we are affordable, punctual and always effective.

We offer a comprehensive pest control service for residential homeowners, landlords and commercial businesses. We use environmentally friendly pest control methods that will eradicate your pests, but will also prevent them from coming back to your property. If you are looking for expert pest control in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, please get in touch to book a consultation.

We will provide you with a discreet service and visit your property in an unmarked vehicle.


Our Approach

We use an environmentally friendly Integrated pest management (IPM) approach that minimises the use of chemicals as much as possible. We can utilize our expert knowledge and understanding of your pests and their habits to generate a successful treatment plan that will provide the best protection for you, your tenants and your customers.

Most importantly, we can identify the cause of infestation points and provide professional advice that will prevent your pests from returning. Proofing your property from pests and giving you the relevant information is what separates us from the rest and will ensure that our solutions are successful.

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Common Pests and Treatments We Offer




Rodents, Rats and mice Pest Control in London and Essex

Rodents - Rats & Mice

Rats and mice frequently defecate and if you have found droppings on your property, you could have a rodent infestation. Rodents transmit a number of serious diseases and it is essential that you contract the services of a professional pest company if your property or place of business harbours rodents

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cockroaches Pest Control in London and Essex


There are a number of different cockroach species and each type thrives in different conditions. Whatever cockroach you have, it is important they are eradicated as they spread infections. Some cockroaches avoid humans, so it is vital that you contact a professional even if you have just a mere suspicion.

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Bed bug Pest Control in London and Essex


If you notice small red itchy spots on your body that were not there prior to sleeping, then you may have bedbugs. Bedbugs will also leave small stains on your bedding and furniture and this is also strong evidence. At Sparta Pest Control we can identify risk factors and deter future outbreaks.

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Ants Pest Control in London and Essex


If you frequently notice ants on your property and they may be of the pharaoh, fire or ghost variety, these are serious infestations and you will need the service of a professional pest control company.

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waps Pest Control in London and Essex


Wasps build nests in the spring and these nests can hold up to 10,000 wasps. Naturally, removing any large nest is hazardous work, but we have the knowledge and skills to remove all types of wasp invasions, humanely and quickly.

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Flea, fly and squirrel Pest Control in London and Essex

Other Pests

Other pests include; squirrels, fleas, beetles and moths and flies. Although less prevalent, these pests are no less annoying. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or business owner, removing these pests is critical, and we can help you do that and prevent them from returning.

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Your 5 Steps to Successful Pest Control Treatment

  Pest Control in London and Essex, Step 1

 Contact us now by telephone or email.

Pest Control in London and Essex, step 2

We’ll listen and arrange a time and date suitable for you, to meet at your home or business. 

 Pest Control in London and Essex, step 3

 Identify the pest & level of infestation. 

 Pest Control in London and Essex, step 4

 Undertake the safest and best course of pest treatment.

Pest Control in London and Essex, step 5

After care – we’ll continue to work in partnership with you and ensure that the pests we treated, are no longer present and won’t return.

If you need pest control in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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